Blissful cruising along the Rhine


Amsterdam is a vibrant city with world class museums, luxury shopping, culinary restaurants and famous festivals. The city has unbeatable secure docking options, including those right in the city centre, including close by to the iconic National Maritime Museum and the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage city centre. A particular favourite is the berth next to the Het Scheepvaartmuseum. Visit in the summer months for pleasant cruising and holiday conditions.


Known as the heart of the Rhineland, Cologne oozes history and architecture. Originally founded over 2,000 years ago by the Ubii tribe, Cologne is an important cultural centre in Europe, renowned for its magnificent UNESCO-listed Cathedral. As you cruise into port, the iconic spires will be the first thing you witness – well worth a visit to appreciate the true Gothic masterpiece. With a plethora of impressive museums (including the Fragrance Museum and Museum Ludwig), the Hohenzollern Bridge Roman churches and the beautiful Forstbotanischer botanical garden, there really is something for everyone. And for a taste of the local culture, the Altstadt district is the place for dinner and drinks – including enjoying the city’s famous sweet pale ale, Kölsch.

Upper Middle Rhine Valley 

Take a romantic cruise along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and soak up the beauty and serenity of some of the oldest towns surrounding the river. Look in awe at the infamous 132m high, steep slate rock, Lorelei, on the bank of the River Rhine in the Rhine Gorge – the subject of numerous legends, poems and songs. (Take note of the traffic control system here on the very sharp bends in the river.) Take anchor and explore the wine-making town of Rüdesheim – particularly famous for Reisling wines. Or if you’re keen to explore, stroll through Koblenz, one of Germany’s oldest and most beautiful towns.


Strasbourg offers a mix of architectural styles and Franco-German heritage. Now a modern and active city, moor your boat in Port de Plaisance de Strasbourg, near the heart of Strasbourg’s “Grande Ile”. Whether stopping overnight or taking a longer vacation here, the full service marina is the perfect place for you to stop and explore the dynamic city, or simply rest in a safe place overnight. For those who want to discover the sights, take advantage of plentiful museums, restaurants and bars. And if you fancy some more culture, visit the city’s thousand-year old cathedral or take a sight-seeing trip by bicycle or on foot to really explore the city.


The final destination on your Rhine adventure will be Basel in Switzerland. The medieval old town of Basel is home to many historical treasures and is centred around the Marktplatz. Here you can visit the 16th century Town Hall with its distinct red sandstone and the 12th century Gothic cathedral. A short cruise down river will take you to the most powerful waterfall in Europe – the impressive Rhine Falls. And for those who like to do as the locals do, take a walk down to the Wettsteinbrücke and Johanniterbrücke bridges and swim in the Rhine as a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Strong swimmers can jump in between the bridges and let the current take them downriver.

Whether you’re looking for a cultural family holiday, a trip with friends or a romantic voyage with your loved one, a trip on the Rhine onboard your Fairline will be a very special and unforgettable experience.

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