Experiencing the breath-taking Norwegian fjords

Set against a background of steep mountains rising up 2,000 metres, sea-faring explorers can experience over 1,000 natural fjords meandering along the coastline amidst lush backdrops as you cruise in from the sea.

With up to 1,300 metres of deep-sea water, the mild and salty ocean is perfect for afternoons spent scuba diving, jet skiing in the vast openness and swimming as the sun sets on this picturesque destination. For those who want adventure, explore the calm waters up close by stand-up paddle boarding, rafting, fishing or even glacier hiking.

Norway is a sanctuary of Scandinavian-designed buildings, cosmopolitan cities and an immersive cultural environment. Anchor down and take a day to roam through its towns where you’ll find warm, welcoming individuals, cobblestone roads, delightful eateries and a wealth of bars.


Bergen offers a lively cultural scene and artistic ambiance. It is celebrated for its picturesque Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, the famous Fish Market, where you can purchase fresh catches of the day, as well as local farm produce, flowers and plants. Historically, fisherman used to row into the markets and sell from boats along the quay.

Set against the encompassing mountains, take in the stunning Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord from land or sea.


Renowned for being the ‘King of the fjords’ thanks to its epic size at 200 kilometres (124 miles), Sognefjord is Norway’s longest fjord and the second longest in the world. Featuring Europe’s biggest glacier, Jostedalsbreen, it is also home to Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, which are all must visits whilst in the area. Though glaciers are considered remote to travel to, there are more than twenty arms that reach out from the main ice pack into the valleys below and well worth the trip.


Spitsbergen (or Svalbard) is a group of Arctic islands which have been mandated to Norway by the United Nations. One of the most uninhabited parts of the Northern globe, it is loved for its rugged, remote terrain of glaciers and icy lands, and is home to some of the most beautiful arctic wildlife, including polar bears, Svalbard reindeer and Arctic foxes. If anchoring off the island, beware of kelp beds and the rocky nature of the seabed.


The Norwegian presence of Svalbard is concentrated to the university (the world’s northernmost) town of Longyearbyen. A small coal-mining town on Spitsbergen Island, this Arctic town is known for its stunning views of the Northern Lights – time your trip right and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to witness this astounding spectacle. Mystic tales and lively colours spring to mind, so settle in and look towards the sky from the comfort of your stunning Fairline Yacht.

National parks 

With an abundance of natural wonders on display, the many national parks are a popular escape for those who want to explore the lands and enjoy a mini break away from your boat. Offering marked trails, there are self-service cabins and luxury staffed lodges, alongside wild animals, lakes and rivers, ancient glaciers and guided visitor centres.

Folgefonna National Park 

Located on a peninsula with a number of incredible natural wonders that will entice and delight, Folgefonna National Park boasts three impressive glaciers that dominate the park’s skyline and a canvas of characteristic mountains that pop up from amidst the ice. In summer, the park becomes a sea of colours as lush green grasses, plants and wildlife spring to life in the sloping valleys that stretch towards the bare and rocky mountains.

Norway’s fjords were formed thousands of years ago by retreating glaciers and the results are simply spectacular. Pack your bags and start planning one of the most unforgettable trips of a lifetime on board your luxury motor yacht.

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