Italy: 7,600km of stunning coastline


Just off the coast of Tuscany is Elba Island (Isola d’Elba). For crystal clear Tyrrhenian waters, stunning landscapes, hidden beauty spots and unforgettable sunsets, motor over to the largest of the Tuscan islands and fall in love. Boasting a rich history and fascinating past, remains of the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval ages add to the magic of this destination. Explore the waters in your sporty motorboat and take anchor to enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear sea and discover some amazing sights, including the wreck at Pomonte Beach.

If you want to explore the culture of Tuscany, pair your trip with a wine tour and a day or two enjoying Florence with its unmissable museums and history. You can also head to the Elba Aquarium, Wildlife Museum and the Fortress of Volterraio.


The archipelago of Maddalena, between Corsica and Sardinia, is a must for an epic motorboating experience. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, you are surrounded by turquoise and emerald waters, rich marine life and an abundance of secluded, sandy white beaches. Established as a National Park in 1994, several of its wonders have been declared World Heritage Sites, including the Spiaggia Rosa, the pink beach of the island Budelli.

Explore the many island gems at top speeds with the wind in your hair. Drop anchor and dive off your bathing platform into azure blue waters to explore the expansive beauty on offer. Sunbathe from your boat in the serenity and silence of the world in slow motion, with perfectly warm temperatures, clear blue skies and golden sunshine.


One of the most enchanting ways to immerse yourself in the magic of the Sicilian coastline is to explore the Aeolian Islands, where the Tyrrhenian Sea is as transparent as glass. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the islands feature unspoiled nature, secluded boating experiences and breath-taking scenery. Admire the stunning views by boat and find secret diving spots of underwater canyons and explore the large fields of Posidonia.

Cruise around the islands – each one is close in proximity, but completely unique in its identity – and wonder at the ancient volcanoes, hidden caves and natural habitats of the different Italian cultures. From quiet and sparse islands with only a handful of houses and activity, to colourful and lively neighbourhoods. Whether you want to hike and explore, or taste the local cuisine and indulge, you won’t need to look too far.

Lake Garda 

Renowned for being a hotspot for water-sports enthusiasts, Lake Garda is well loved for offering a plethora of boating, sailing, diving, jetskiing, windsurfing and canoeing activities. It is the perfect spot for cruising at top speeds (out of the confines of the marinas) and having fun on your F//LINE 33, enjoying time with your family and friends. There are many clubs and groups that host activities on the water – often held between April and October – so if you’re keen to get on the water with new friends or want to try something new, head online in advance of your trip for inspiration and bookings.

For sparkling crystal-clear waters, stunning coastlines and an exciting playground to discover, the Italian waters offer a dreamy destination.

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