Six stunning Mediterranean anchorages

Sa Calobra 

The west coast of Mallorca has a spectacular allure with the surrounding landscape characterised by towering cliffs and vertiginous ravines. Sa Calobra’s beguiling nature is part thanks to its ‘secret beach’ hidden within a jaw-dropping gorge behind the first cove. When arriving by boat, keep an eye out for pods of dolphins. A short pootle to the north of Calobra, Cala San Vincent also boasts gin-clear waters over glittering sand.

The national park that lies off the south-east tip of Mallorca is a wonderland of flora and fauna for visiting boaters. Natural beauty abounds and while the national park is popular with boaters, in shoulder season the sense of peace and tranquillity returns. Visiting boats require a permit to reserve one of the buoys in the area.

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Playa Illetes 

While Formentera can get crowded during peak season, the piercing turquoise waters of its anchorages are still a magnet for boaters. Withholding over white sand and shallows a kaleidoscope of electric blue, Playa Illetes is utterly magical.

Aeolian escapes 

You could easily spend weeks touring the magical Aeolian Islands, such is the beauty of the bays and volcanic islands. On the smallest island of this volcanic archipelago, Batillo on Panarea is a beautiful spot to swing off the hook. For many though, the white pumice beaches and electric blue coves off Lipari are the sweet spots of this Italian gem.  

Pupnatska Luka 

Cruising around the beguiling, rugged and wild island of Korcula is heavenly in itself, but the deep bay and crystal clear water makes Pupnatska an idyllic spot to drop the hook. Located just around the corner from Korcula town and its historic fortifications, the gorgeous cove of Pupnatska Luka is backed by cliffs cloaked in verdant pines and has a white pebble beach. A chilled Konoba (local tavern) grills fresh squid and seafood for lunch on its driftwood-adorned terrace.

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