Exploring the beautiful Bahamas

An incredible landscape of some 700 islands and magical cays, the Bahamas is a sun-kissed paradise best explored by motor yacht. Whether your crew enjoy snorkelling and diving or sunbathing and exploring far-flung archipelagos, the Bahamas is infused with Caribbean soul and has a new island adventure – and yacht club – for every day of the year.

The quieter barrier cays of the Abacos lie in the northern Bahamas and boast pure shores and enchanting islands brimming with laid-back charm and history. While to the south-east of Nassau, the sun-kissed wisps of the Exumas offer far-flung cruising reams of unspoilt beaches. 

Harbour Island 

A three-mile stretch of rose-coloured sand and gin-clear waters protected by coral reef, Harbour Island is a picture-perfect stop and an easy cruise east of Nassau. Widely regarded as one of the best scuba diving enclaves in the Caribbean, the abundant marine life and beautiful plumes of corals lie in wait. Thankfully, the island is only accessible by boat, meaning that mass tourism has been kept at bay. Neighbouring Eleuthera has more on-land entertainment, villas and provisioning opportunities. 

Pig Beach 

Anchor off one of the most famous spots in the Caribbean at Big Major Cay and see the pink pigs that are now resident on this tropical island. Some say the 20 or so pigs were left by a group of sailors, others believe they hail from a shipwreck. Visitors can expect a friendly welcome and some priceless Instagram moments as the pigs paddle in the crystal-clear shallows. It’s a short hop to neighbouring Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a magnet for Hollywood stars since the 1960s and one of the best places for sundowners, Bahamian style.

Staniel Cay 

Famed for being the backdrop for the 1965 James Bond film, Thunderball Grotto lies west of Staniel Cay, and is a popular attraction in this stunning cruising ground. The magnificent underwater grotto is teeming with colourful fish and brightly coloured corals while on shore, brightly coloured over-water cottages add characterful island flavour. The surrounding spits and kaleidoscopic waters are ideal tender country. Zip through the electric-blue shallows and discover a bounty of secluded lagoons and sublime snorkelling spots.

Normans Cay 

With captivating coral reefs lacing the nearby islets, Norman Cay is ideal for water lovers. Snorkel or scuba dive and experience the rainbow world under the surface – there’s even a sunken plane that visitors can snorkel around. Enjoy a waterfront lunch at the legendary MacDuff’s before cruising on to the tropical treasure of Shroud Cay. This uninhabited archipelago has gorgeous beaches and sand spits, while the tidal creek provides the perfect environment for sea birds, sea turtles and tropical fish to flourish. Head out on kayaks and explore the restful waterways. At Angelfish Hideaways, snorkel around the scattered coral heads before crossing to the idyllic Driftwood beach.

Great Guana Cay 

To the north of Nassau, the Abacos islands promise more magical cruising routes. Tranquil Great Guana offers dramatic seascapes and a sublime stretch of white sandy beach. Anchor in Bakers Bay for a scenic lunch aboard and then plunge into the warm Caribbean waters. Next visit the historic community of Man-O-War Cay and relax on the jaw-dropping beaches on the Atlantic shore, and cruise to Elbow Cay where historic Hope Town, White Sound and the tropical Tahiti beach await.

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