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We are, as you might expect, immensely proud of our range of yachts. The way they look, handle and perform. Each one hand-built in Great Britain by highly skilled and experienced craftspeople. So when the experts from the press come aboard to put one of our yachts to the test, we’re quietly confident of the outcome and especially pleased to read what they have to say.

Here, we share some of their stories.


F//LINE 33 

Fairline and Princess go head-to-head with their cutting-edge day boat 

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“Some fast boats just feel right. The F//Line 33 is one. An old Air Force pilot once said to me, recalling the F-86 Sabre: “The plane was me.” To think it is to do it.

The little Fairline’s handling is genuinely outstanding. And some fast boats feel overpowered—you know they have another 5 or 10 knots to offer, but you just don’t want to go there. But even with 860 hp on tap, the little 33 left me feeling comfortably in command at all times. It’s a joy to drive. The hull has terrific grip, and a very impressive turning circle even at maximum revs.”

One of the few journalists to test both boats, Alan Harper shares his findings.

Originally published in Power & Motoryacht magazine, March 2020

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Family-friendly, fast and fun 

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“Standing at the helm of the F//LINE 33, wind rushing through my hair, I get the nod, that subtle signal that means “go ahead, open up and let her rip”. I push the throttle and we take off like a rocket over the flat calm water off Cannes. As the speed creeps upwards of 30 knots, I let out a “Woohoo!” – and I don’t feel the least bit embarrassed about squealing like a child. The F//LINE 33 from UK builder Fairline Yachts is simply great fun to drive.”

Originally published in Boat International, April 2020

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The award winning F//LINE 33 

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“One of the big British yards building a performance-focused sportsboat would be interesting enough but for Sunseeker, Princess and Fairline to do so in the same year and with such different styles of machine made judging this category extremely exciting but equally challenging. One boat stands out.”

Being crowned winner of the ‘Superboat’ category at the 2020 Motorboat of the Year awards was a great start for this exciting new model. Take a look at what the judging panel had to say and a ‘must watch’ video of MBY Editor, Hugo Andreae’s full boat test.

Originally published in Motorboat & Yachting, January 2020


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Targa 45 OPEN 

“Designdetails von der Targa 63 GTO finden dank Alberto Mancini auch hier Verwendung und spannen so einen Bogen über alle Modelle hinweg. Der zukünftige Eigner sollte schon beim Kauf entscheiden, ob er die Bugkabine oder die Mittelkabine als die seine benutzen möchte, denn danach richtet sich die Anordnung der Türen und Verwendung der Bäder mit Toiletten.”

Thanks to Alberto Mancini, design details from the Targa 63 GTO are also used here and span an arc across all models. The future owner should decide at the time of purchase whether he would like to use the bow cabin or the middle cabin as his, because the arrangement of the doors and the use of the bathrooms with toilets are based on this.”

Originally published in Boote magazine, March 2019

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UK Builders New Starlet 

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“Fairline’s reputation for building sports cruisers in the 40ft ballpark is second to none. In years gone by, the Targa moniker has been adhered to some of the finest boats of this type ever produced. Think the Targa 34, its big sister the Targa 40, the evergreen Targa 47 and even the original Targa 43 – all best-in-class craft. As such, the new 43 Open came to market with a weight of expectation draped across its svelte shoulders.”

Originally published in Yacht Style Asia, February 2019

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“Avec son immense soft top et son salon de pont plein de bonnes idées, la nouvelle Targa 43 fait la démonstration que la vedette méditerranéenne «à l’anglaise» a de nombreux atouts à jouer sur un créneau très concurrentiel.”

With its huge soft top and its deck saloon full of good ideas, the new Targa 43 demonstrates that the “English” Mediterranean star has many assets to play in a very competitive niche.”

Originally published in Voile & Moteur, March 2019

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Targa 45 GT 

The Targa masters both sporty curves and waves. 

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“Dankzij de IPSaandrijvingen blijft deze Fairline te allen tijde onder controle, zonder dat het saai wordt. De Targa beheerst zowel sportieve bochten als golven. Het voelt altijd veilig aan.”

“Thanks to the IPS drives, this Fairline remains under control at all times, without getting boring. The Targa masters both sporty curves and waves. It always feels safe.”

Alexander Worms was the first journalist to test the Targa 45 GT in March 2020.

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Targa 65 GTO 

A recipe for success 

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“What do you get when you blend a British builder, an Italian designer and a Dutch engineering firm? One heck of a collaboration known as the Fairline Targa 63 GTO.

Her ride is as smooth as her layout. Taking the wheel on the Targa 63 GTO is akin to driving a British roadster. Quick out of the hole, she is responsive, with assured tracking through turns that makes for confident operation.”

Originally published by Yachting magazine, February 2018

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Leaving its mark 

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“He’s one of the most in-demand Italian designers today, yet Mancini’s path toward helping create the 63 was not straightforward. Fairline Yachts, looking to inject a fresh design language into its brand, invited different designers to a competition. Each was given the same brief: Design a flagship in the 60-foot range and a smaller model that could serve as an entry-level boat.”

Originally published by Power & Motoryacht magazine, February 2018

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Squadron 68 

World-first exclusive test of Fairlines new flagship yacht 

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“Mancini offers so many clever details, like the gates that close off the walkway across the bow, not for safety reasons but to ensure the line leading along the coachroof to the aforementioned spears remains unbroken.”

“The latest model to join the ranks isn’t just a worthy successor to the line it also demonstrates that Fairline is at the top of its game when designing its flybridge range.”

Originally published in Motorboat & Yachting, September 2019

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Design innovations aboard offer clever solutions 

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“The riding angle of our 68 was set up perfectly, and the yacht proved pretty happy in the cruise at any speed from about 18 knots upwards. In the benign conditions of our test day, 24 knots seemed ideal—quiet, relaxed, reasonably economical—and as we barrelled along the coast, the Squadron imparted that settled sense you get with a confident, comfortable cruising machine.”

Originally published in Power & Motoryacht, April 2020

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“APPENA USCITI DAL PORTO DI CANNES, NAVI- GHIAMO IN CERCA DI UNA PORZIONE DI MARE NON TROPPO AFFOLLATA. Io approfitto per ispe- zionare la barca, sono in cerca di rumori, scricchiolii e vibrazioni. Passo dal ponte principale, ma niente, né in dinette, né vicino alla plancia. Scendo nell’a- rea notte, e anche qui regna il silenzio più assoluto sia nella.”

“HAVING JUST LEFT THE HARBOUR IN CANNES, WE SET OUT TO LOOK FOR AN AREA OFFSHORE THAT IS NOT TOO CROWDED. I take advantage of the situation to inspect the boat. I’m looking for noise, creaking and vibrations. I make my way around the main deck where there’s nothing, not in the dining area or near the steering gear. I head down to the sleeping quarters and silence reigns supreme here too.”

Originally published in Barche magazine, June 2020

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